Each book contains 20 hand printed and tipped in photographs. A total of 80 original images.

Hand stitched signatures bound in the traditional Italian style. Imported marbled end papers All in a handemade slip case.

The Symbolism of the Glass Insets. Sand (Earth) is created by the action of ocean waves (Water). The sand melts into glass under the high heat (Fire) and the action of the bellows (Air). Thus glass is the symbol that represents all four elements.

The 4 Greek Elements


This Deluxe Collector’s Edition of
80 original photographs by Cy DeCosse is
limited to 20 numbered & signed sets

The classic elements of ancient Greece expressed in hand printed photographs by Cy DeCosse. Each book includes the legend of the Greek god and the historical significance of the elements. The unique cover design features the Greek symbol for each element embedded in colored glass. Hand bound and cased in the Italian style with gold stamping, imported Japanese book cloth and marbled Italian end papers make this an exceptional addition to any serious collection.

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